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​​"Walk like a cat, move like a river, be still as a mountain"

                                                                                                             from the Tai Chi Classics

Tai Chi is the ancient art of moving meditation developed hundreds of years ago in China.  

Kenn and Vicki Chase teach traditional Yang Style Tai Chi which has followed the Yang Family Tradition for over 6 generations and was the first Tai Chi style to come to the US from China.  It is a series of synchronized forms, based on movements found in nature.  One form flows and blends into the next without stopping.  It is sometimes know as the "Warriors Dance".

Tai Chi improves balance, flexibility, strength and self confidence. The Chases teaching style emphasizes the meditative and health qualities available through regular practice.  ​Through the centuries, the Chinese have utilitized Tai Chi as a healing art.  We now have current medical research to the confirm the power of Tai Chi as an optimal preventive as well as restorative healing technique.  Regular practice brings inner peace and increased ability to cope with the changing times.  


Integral Way Tai Chi was developed by Kenn Chase and combines traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, Feldenkrais - Awareness through Movement (ATM), Chi Gong and meditation.  Vicki brings her background, experience and expertise in Western medicine to create a unique blend of Eastern philosophical and Western mind-body techniques to enhance learning and human potential. Together they create a synchronistic teaching style.

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