Integral Way Tai Chi™.... "generating health, peace and longevity"

Tai Chi Ch’uan, the ancient art of moving meditation, has profound effects on our neuro-biology and produces many health benefits as well as improving strength, balance and flexibility. Through the centuries the Chinese have utilized Tai Chi as a healing art. We now have current medical research to confirm the power of Tai Chi as an optimal preventive as well as restorative healing technique.

The Integral Way Tai Chi Method™ combines traditional Yang style Tai Chi Ch’uan, Feldenkrais™ – Awareness through Movement™, Chi Gong and meditation. It offers a blend of Eastern philosophical practices and Western mind-body techniques to enhance learning and human potential.

Kenn and Vicki Chase have a unique, personable and nurturing approach to teaching. They have taught together for over 30 years and bring a pleasing blend of Yin and Yang to their teaching methods.

About Us

Kenn and Vicki Chase have been teaching together since 1982. Combined, they have over 75 years teaching experience. As a husband and wife team, they bring a unique balance of yin/yang, male/female and east/west philosophy and practices.
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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi includes a series of 54 synchronized moves. The advanced – Long Form is 108 moves.

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Feldenkrais – Awareness through Movement® (ATM) is a neuro-muscular re-education technique.

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Workshops / Events

World Wide Workshops in 2017!

Panama - Cocobolo Reserve Mar 19-25

Pt. Reyes National Seashore  Feb 17-19

Salmon River Rafting/Tai Chi Aug 30-Sept 5

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2017 TBA  Esalen Institute


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