Tai Chi Classes 

"BASICS":  Recommended for beginners emphasizing the fundamentals of balance, strength, flexibility and flow. By creating a strong foundation, students are better prepared to learn the traditional forms.  Generally, the first 1/3 of the SHORT FORM is also taught. 

SHORT FORM:  Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi consisting of 54 sequential moves (forms).  New moves are taught at each class requiring regular and committed attendance. 

LONG FORM:  Once a student has mastered the Short Form they may proceed, by invitation to the advanced, LONG FORM class.  LONG FORM consists of the SHORT FORM EXPANDED with new moves added to make a total of 108 moves.



Taught by Kenn and/or Vicki

Meet once a week for 50 minutes. 

Require Pre-registration and a monthly (4 consecutive weeks) fee of $65.



San Geronimo Valley Community Center,  6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo  

San Geronimo Presbyterian Church, 6001 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo

San Rafael Classes:  Dance Arts Studio,  704 Mission, San Rafael 

Current Class Schedule

Tuesday       10 AM      Long Form           San Geronimo

Tuesday       10 AM      Long Form           San Rafael

Wednesday 10 AM       Short Form           San Rafael         

Wednesday  11AM       Feldenkrais         San Rafael

Thursday       9AM       Beg./Basics         Pres Church SG

Thursday     11AM        Long Form           San Rafael

Thursday     12noon      Short Form           San Rafael

Friday            9 AM       Long Form          San Geronimo

Friday          10 AM       Short/Long Form San Geronimo

Private or semi-private classes by appointment call or email

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