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NIH publishes study on Tai Chi - "The Interdependence of Cognitive and Motor Function in the Elderly"

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health 


When Kenn and I first started teaching Tai Chi in the medical setting there was no research regarding the health benefits of Tai Chi anywhere.  Now, there a hundreds of studies available, books written and programs implemented to bring Tai Chi into the Integrative Medicine world for health and healing.

Despite the fact that this publication is "for the elderly"  it is a mistake to think that Tai Chi is only for the oldies.  Tai Chi enhances strength, balance, flexibility and yes, cognitive function in all ages!  

Tai Chi at the Asian Art Museum

Our trip in October to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco was a great success.  We sold out within 1 hour of posting it through Constant Contact and added a second group in the afternoon.  A total of 35 current Tai Chi students attended.  Each group had their own docent guiding us on a personalized trip through the Chinese history section of the museum.  After our history lesson we engaged in a round of Tai Chi in Samsung Hall!  It was truly inspiring to do Tai Chi in such a beautiful and grand setting.  

Stay tuned for our next trip!

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HealthNet gets Healthy!

For the past few years Kenn and Vicki have been invited to be part of the HealthNet International program in San Rafael.  Employees share food and displays regarding their culture so all can learn about the diversity.  We teach Tai Chi basics as part of the program and always have an enthusiastic group.  

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